An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Cheap Sketches! $5-$15 options This weekend only!

I'm at a friends house doing some art jammins, brought my sketchbook, I figured I'd take on a couple of small sketch commissions! This is for this weekend only.


These are pencil sketches, and you will get the high res scan of the page your sketch is on (meaning there may be other people's sketches on the scan

$5 - headshot
$10 - Full Body
$15 - Full Body Winged character

Please Read This Before Commenting
-Comment to reserve a spot, I will update the list as quickly as I can
-Paypal only, sent to (Please put your FA name in the memo!)
-Put your description/references IN THIS POST as a comment please. This helps me out mucho because I'm not having to go back and forth between notes
-I am not mailing these, hence the cheapness. They aren't even leaving my sketchbook. You will receive the high resolution scan of the sketch page, exactly as you see in the examples. You are free to ink/color/alter/crop your own sketch as much as you want :)
-I will scan these in bulk on Monday/Tuesday so please don't be alarmed if it's marked as done on the queue if you haven't gotten it yet. I will email the file to the address you paypal me with, so please look for them there.

Thanks for looking!

1. MehndiX - full body - paid - done
2. Trufflehog - full body - paid - done
3. Arinaca - full body - paid - done
4. Feather Dancer - full body - paid - done
5. Carrot Gecko - full body - paid - done
6. Carrot Gecko - full body - paid - done
7. Sunstreak - full body - paid
8. Drake - full body - paid
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