An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

The Champion


My submission for there 2012 Werewolf Calendar
Ordering starts September 1st!

"The Champion" - 11"x14" watercolor and colored pencil on Arches watercolor paper - A clan's most powerful and celebrated warrior being ceremoniously painted for battle.

Here was my assigned writeup:
Both wild and urban werewolves have both been occasionally spotted wearing body paint. The precise and definite reasons for this behavior are as yet unknown, though it is speculated to play a part in the ceremonial celebrations and rituals werewolf society partakes in. It has also been suggested that body paint may play an important role in courtship rituals, allowing each werewolf to stand out individually. Body paint may be ornate or fairly minimal depending on the region or whether the werewolf resides within an urban or wild setting. Urban werewolves have access to a wide variety of artificial pigments, readily available for purchase whereas wild werewolves are often limited to natural found pigments composed of ground stones, berries and other plant material. As colorful displays are a detriment to everyday life, especially the ability to camouflage during a hunt, body paint is thought to be restricted in use for ceremonial occasions only.
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