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3 day auctions - also an art update

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been awhile. Anyhoo, I'm looking to raise some money to finally grab myself a decent postage scale so I can provide more accurate shipping costs and save myself a little time when tending to furry matters and general eBay endeavors. I've put up a couple of auctions for original artwork, new and old, up on Dealer's Den. This is my first time using that auction site and I must say, I love the interface! I've just posted them today and two items have already gone to a good home, so I'm very grateful if you could take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy!

These auctions end this weekend so please check em out!


And as promised, some new art, because it's been far too long between art updates here.

This is what happens when you ask a non-fur who has only the vaguest of understanding of the fandom to design his fursona.

"I wanna be a....juggalo babyfur...CAT BUS! That uh...looks like my roommate's cat. *points to cat*"

This is for my friend Marie's roomie.

Chibi badge for Jill0r/JillCostumes of her asshole cat suit, Chingado

Sketch page for NavyRaptor

Sketch page for WolfWings

Sketch page for Karwood

In other news I spend most of my life (probably more than I need to) on Twitter these days, you can follow me there @ThornwolfArt

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