An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Werewolf Calendar 2013

It's that time of year again! I am so honored to have been invited once again to join the Werewolf Calendar project for the 2013 edition!

Preorders are currently open! First 150 orders get a free bookmark and sticker! Given the designs of both this year, SO worth it :D

Please visit to order!

Here is my submission.

"Retaliation" - Photoshop


The harsh living conditions found in arid desert areas surprisingly do not drive out werewolves from inhabiting such regions. By the nature of the isolated locals, where both man and other competing predator populations are sparse, deserts provide a relatively safe territory for werewolves to inhabit. As a result some werewolf lineages extend several dozen generations in a particular desert territory giving these werewolves the advantage of learning skills necessary to survival in such a harsh habitat from their parents. Also as deserts are usually inhabited by much smaller animal species, werewolves, while hunting such animals as snakes, lizards, hares and even foxes, will often require a supplemental diet of roots, tubers and even insects. Some werewolves will remain in human form to survive times of extreme drought while others will turn to a balanced omnivorous diet that will even include poisonous insects such as scorpions and venomous snakes.

For this piece, I went way outside of my comfort zone and tried a bunch of new things: Textures, perspective, and dramatic lighting. Big thanks to those who helped me in the creation process! I chose to depict Mexican wolves as I felt it would fit the region better, and I chose a setting reminiscent of Joshua Tree National Park as it is a very special place to me. The wolves use crude obsidian hand tools (harvested from the local mountains, I myself have some large chunks from the area!) to hunt their dinner of venomous rattlesnakes, but not without a fight!

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