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The art of Thornwolf

An Ethel Among Mermans
External Services:
  • thornwolf@livejournal.com
This is the art journal for Thornwolf. This is the best place to see my recent works as I tend to upload everything here and only some things to my galleries. If you would like to view my artwork, everything is public, so feel free to watch me! Please don't be surprised if I don't friend you back. It's nothing personal, I just tend to friend folks who's journals I'm watching for art or know IRL. They should really change the name from "friends list" to "watch list" anyways.


STOP! Read This! Need to get a hold of me? DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE. I do not use LJ's PM system and I cannot guarantee your note will get read in a timely manner. Please email me at thornwolf227[at]gmail.com for all correspondence. Thank you :)

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